CMV Secures 4 End Of The Year Wins To Close Out 2018


Since December 18, CMV has won four cases, two at the trial court level, and two at the appellate court level.  First, Charles Redden and Thomas Lang won a not guilty verdict in Winnebago County, representing a radiologist in an alleged mis-diagnosis of a perforated appendix.  Then William Cunningham, Heather Begley, and Robert Larsen won their post-trial motion upholding a not guilty jury verdict for a case tried earlier this year, in Kane County. Next, Marni Slavick and Kenneth Seale had their summary judgment motion affirmed by the Illinois First District Appellate Court in a premises liability case involving a slip and fall in a local hospital. Finally, in a case argued by Robert Larsen, the Second District Appellate Court upheld the granting of a motion to dismiss a case involving the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Thanks to all who made 2018 a successful year. Please continue to follow CMV on LinkedIn to see what our lawyers are up to in 2019.