Defense Verdict for OB/GYN Regarding Perforated Diverticulum and Bowel

December, 2023
Featuring Kipp B. Cornell and Marni R. Slavick
Posted in: Medical and Professional Negligence
Marni Slavick and Kipp Cornell obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a local medical group and an OB/GYN physician following an 8-day trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County, before Judge Brendan O'Brien.  The female plaintiff-patient developed a perforated diverticulum and bowel perforation several days after having a D&C (dilation and curettage) performed by the defendant-physician. Plaintiff claimed that the OB/GYN had caused a uterine and bowel perforation during the D&C procedure.  Plaintiff further claimed that this intra-operative perforation necessitated the extensive bowel repair procedure, prolonged her recovery and caused her to require subsequent surgeries.  This case involved six (6) expert witnesses in the fields of Gynecology, Radiology and Pathology. The defense presented evidence that the bowel perforation had occurred in the post-operative period following the plaintiff’s discharge from the hospital and 3.5 days after the D&C procedure that was performed by the defendant OB/GYN.  The defense further asserted that there was never any uterine perforation identified, even at the time of the patient’s bowel repair surgery, and this confirmed that the OB/GYN had not caused any injury to the patient during her D&C.  Plaintiff’s attorney asked the jury to award $3 million in damages.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant OB/GYN physician and her medical group.