Jury's Verdict in favor of Plaintiff is Reversed on Appeal

Featuring David C. Burtker, Kipp B. Cornell and Marni R. Slavick

CMV Law is proud to congratulate David Burtker, Marni Slavick and Kipp Cornell on a significant win for Illinois healthcare systems. On August 21, 2020 the First District reversed a $50.3 million jury verdict awarded in the Circuit Court of Cook County on October 9, 2018.  Less than sixty days prior to trial, Plaintiff disclosed new information related to the minor child’s autism diagnosis.  The Defendant’s requests to file supplemental disclosures and for other evidentiary relief were denied by four circuit court judges during the discovery, trial and post-trial processes.  The First District Appellate Court found the actions of Plaintiff to be inconsistent with the legislative intent behind the rules of discovery, and the rulings of the circuit court judges to be inconsistent with Illinois law; resulting in reversible error.  A unanimous panel from the First District reversed the Cook County jury’s verdict and remanded the matter back to the circuit court for retrial.