Larsen and Begley Win Not Guilty Verdict for Dentist

Featuring Robert L. Larsen

CMV Attorneys, Robert L. Larsen and Heather A. Begley, obtained a Not Guilty verdict, in their client’s favor, in a dental malpractice matter in a jury trial pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County.  The lawsuit was filed against a Chicago dentist and his dental group by a plaintiff who was not satisfied with the veneers placed at teeth numbers 6 and 11.  The plaintiff alleged the veneers were not-aesthetically pleasing due to the color, over-contouring and fit. The plaintiff also alleged that the dentist was professionally negligent in his preparation of teeth numbers 5 and 12, which led to the need for root canals and future dental work.  The jury found in favor of the dentist finding that his work complied with the standard of care.