When defending pharmaceutical liability claims, attorneys must not only understand the law but also have the ability to quickly master complex technical issues that often become the centerpiece of a litigation strategy.

Cunningham, Meyer & Vedrine attorneys are well versed in federal, state and local statutory regulations and procedures, and in the vast array of organizational and societal guidelines that may impact the outcome of such a case, in addition to the scientific/technical causation aspects of such matters.

We are also skilled at handling complex multidistrict litigation and have defended physicians and pharmaceutical companies in many of the most high-profile cases in the country.


CMV attorneys have counseled pharmaceutical companies in a variety of matters, including breach of warranty, compliance with federal and state statutory schemes, improper warnings, pharmacy liability. We also represent these entities in personal injury lawsuits.

We defend physicians in cases where they prescribe pharmaceuticals with unintended side effects, including those involving the fentanyl patch, transvaginal mesh, opioids and other controlled substances.

Home Health Product and Service Providers

As more Americans manage illnesses and chronic conditions at home, there has been a rise in litigation regarding the long-term care products and services needed to sustain quality of life.

CMV attorneys regularly defend healthcare workers and providers of medical supplies and their staff on issues related to infusions, medication and oxygen delivery, decubitus monitoring, sterilization and other matters affecting the long-term care industry.