Slavick and Cornell Win Assault/Battery, False Imprisonment and Malicious Prosecution Trial for Chicagoland Hospital

Featuring Marni R. Slavick and Kipp B. Cornell

Congratulations to Marni Slavick and Kipp Cornell on a defense verdict in favor of their clients a Chicagoland hospital, an ER nurse, and a hospital security officer.  The evidence at trial established that the plaintiff attempted to elope while intoxicated from the hospital’s Emergency Room and this resulted in the need for restraint.  The plaintiff also spit on the ER nurse which resulted in her detention and arrest.  Plaintiff alleged that the hospital personnel had committed assault and battery on her when she required restraint.  Plaintiff further alleged that hospital personnel falsely imprisoned her which later resulted in her asking for punitive damages on the malicious prosecution claim. Plaintiff claimed that as a result of the hospital personnel’s conduct she sustained physical damages including the development of carpal tunnel syndrome from the handcuffing.  Moreover, plaintiff claimed that she incurred fees and damages as a result of her subsequent arrest and prosecution.  Plaintiff sought damages for the personal injuries as well as punitive damages for the malicious prosecution claim.  After a 3-week trial the jury deliberated for 2.5 hours and returned a verdict in favor of the hospital and all agents/defendants.